Monday, August 15, 2011


Tayar Shinko Evo SR877 ni memang dah lama menjadi idaman kalbu.. ditambah pula dengan keadaan tayar belakang motosikal aku sekarang ni yang seperti belah menunggu retak.. aku rasa inilah tayar yang paling sesuai untuk digayakan pada motosikal aku..

Kalau ada kesempatan wang dan masa sebelum kedatangan Aidilfitri, akan ku keluarkan kad ATM dari dompet aku untuk membantu aku merealisasikan impian aku untuk mengenakan tayar Shinko kat motosikal LC kesayangan aku ni..

Tayar ni asal daripada Korea.. dicipta khusus untuk kategori motosikal moped, tayar ini mampu memberikan anda cengkaman dan kawalan yang gah di jalan raya..

Berikut adalah 10 sebab kenapa anda perlu bertukar kepada tayar Shinko Evo SR877 :
  • With R&D and production in Japan and South Korea, you can be sure of that excellent end product which comes after heavy testing and quality control standards from the heroes behind Shinko's production Facilities. Which leads us to...
  • Shinko has obtained the following safety standards: the DOT (USA), E4 (European Standards), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), the mark of Safety from Brazil and etc. With so many transportation departments giving their approval to Shinko, you can be sure of: Safety and Quality! These virtues can come from our...
  • History. Having been producing innovative rubber products for two-wheelers (Bicycles and Motorcycles) since 1946. We are proud of our heritage to provide only the very best for our customers and remain committed to building our brand vision.
  • Did you know that Shinko Tyre Co. Ltd was actually a department from Yokohama Japan producing Motorcycle Tyres? Like Yokohama, Shinko is striving to provide the very best to our consumers, albeit Motorcycle riders. That's not the only thing,
  • Shinko is the OEM manufacturer for certain Continental Motorcycle tyres, Hankook Car(spare) Tyres and Karting tyres for Yokohama. With these top brands giving the exact same confidence to Shinko, you know you can trust us!
  • Shinko is the No. 2 top selling Motorcycle Radial tyre in Malaysia for the past year, let's aim for that No. 1 spot.
  • Shinko tyres has been and still are the No. 1 top selling Motorcycle Tyres in the United States. Twenty containers of sales every month! Need more be said?
  • That price: we strive to make our tyres affordable to our customers, our partners- Tyres are the only parts of the Motorcycle in contact with the road at all times. Nothing is more expensive than your safety and riding experience. Add in an affordable price (Shinko Radials are at least a hundred RM cheaper from the nearest competitor, makes perfect sense for every rider to understand Shinkonomics), need there be more? From Shinko? Oh yes!
  • That smile on your face: when you get off from your motorcycle and then thinking: nothing can get better than that excellent riding thrill which you just had. Bagus lah!
  • Shinko Tyres, the two wheels specialist. We are your everyday rider, your understanding partners on Track and Race-days. Kawan, we understand you!
Aku memang saje tak nak translate.. nanti hilang pulak maklumat- maklumat penting yang dia nak sampaikan.. hehe..

Jom layan dulu gambar tayar Shinko Evo SR877 ni..

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